Ramadan Appeal 2022

By supporting our Ramadan Appeal, you will give children growing up in some of the hardest places hope of a brighter future

Ethiopia Crisis

Millions of people in Tigray were already suffering as a result of this year’s desert locust outbreak, widespread flooding and other impacts of climate change, and—since March—the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 8 million are in need of urgent food assistance, and this is expected to rise to 11 million by January.

Orphan Sponsor

Help an Orphan Child Today and earn reward of Jannah with Kebire Trust. Only £30 Every Month can provide an Orphan with the basic necessity of Life.

Water Well

Reliable access to safe, clean water means that drinking, cooking, washing, watering crops and animals and making wudu no longer pose a risk of illness.

By making a donation today you can help us be there for more of those vulnerable children and families. Make a change today!


Water Is A Blessing From Allah (swt) That We Often Take For Granted. Help Us Build Water Wells – Donate To Kebire Trust ·


Give your Zakat in the name of Allah and help lift vulnerable communities out of poverty.


Give an orphan and needy child accomodation, clothing and recreational facilities today. Donate your sadaqah today. Every donation has the potential for profound impact.

Regular Giving

Set up a monthly direct debit with Kebire Trust Charity. It’s a quick and easy way to have an immediate impact and provide crucial support to those in need.

Get Involved

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us help as many people as possible.


Eye Operations

Water Well's

Kebire Trust works with local communities and authorities, and also international and national humanitarian organizations in pursuance of its mission.