Sudan suffer Annually flood crisis

As you may aware, 17 out of 18 states in Sudan have been affected by floods. As of 26 August, estimated 245,700 people have been affected by heavy rains and flash floods, and more than 32,851 homes have been destroyed and 16,284 damaged. In Kassala State, more than 20,000 people have been affected (including 5 deaths) with more than 3,000 homes either destroyed or damaged. This is a dire situation, which requires urgent humanitarian interventions. There are some interventions by the government and humanitarian actors, but their responses remain limited. 


No one should forget the dire situation that, at this very moment, continues to face many thousands of people in Sudan. Therefore, Kebire Trust is sending the attached flood response document to your organization for possible funding. Since 2007, Kebire Trust has been actively working with refugees and displaced and needy people, and implemented various projects in the Horn of Africa region. Should you require information about the flood disaster situation in the Sudan, our works and appeals, please do not hesitate to contact us.