Partnerships and Collaborations

Kebire Trust works with local communities and authorities, and also international and national humanitarian organizations in pursuance of its mission. Kebire Trust works with


  • One Nation (UK),
  • Ar-rahma Trust (UK),
  • Crisis Aid (UK),
  • Al-Bayan Foundation (UK),
  • LIA Relief Trust (UK),
  • ISRA (UK),
  • Gifting Humanity (UK),
  • Iqra Trust (UK),
  • NOVO (UK),
  • Al Rowad Series
  • Contracting (Saudi Arabia),
  • ARAHA (American Relief
  • Agency for the Horn of Africa),
  • Islamic Welfare
  • Organisation (Sudan),
  • Live for Others Charity
  • Association (Sudan), Sabrin
  • Humanitarian Affairs organization (Sudan),
  • Ard Al-Ssedq Association Charitable (Yemen),
  • Sanabil Alkhayr Foundation (Djibouti) and other organizations.